Accommodation at Pension Pod Smrkem

Capacity of the pension

The pension consists of two accommodation facilities. Total capacity is 78 beds + 14 additional beds.

Building "A" (There is a dining room and bar) has a capacity of 42 beds and 10 additional beds.

Capacity of building "A" download here

Building "B" (There is a sauna and jacuzzi) has a capacity of 36 beds and 4 additional beds.

Capacity of building "B" download here


Room Equipment

All our rooms are furnished comfortably and practically. Each room has its own bathroom with shower or bath.

Rooms are equipped with television, refrigerator, linens and towels.

Free WiFi connection.



Accommodation includes breakfast buffet and warm dinner, you can choose meals from the current supply.
We can also offer meals accordingly to your taste in previous arrangement and gluten-free diet.

In case of your early departure we can arrange "breakfast to go".


For children

After the agreement is possible to prepare a child's bed and highchair.


Schools and kindergartens

We guarantee to stay in compliance with all requirements OHES (insulated room, medical supervision, consultation of the diet for the whole stay, etc.).

We provide free transport of luggage from the railroad station Horni Lipova.

We have long term experiences with children of all ages, we are always willing to go up to meet all needs and requirements.


What else can you find?

  • Space for corporate events, training sessions, birthday parties - there is not only large but also small dining lounge, bar and terrace.
  • Two private gardens, two covered outdoor seating, one with a grill and smokehouse, right next to the playground, playground for children, a sandpit, swings and Russian bowling and an indoor swimming pool for summer enjoyment.
  • Playrooms, classrooms. piano, pool table, table tennis. We will lend you other sport equipments, musical instruments and board games.
  • Sauna, jacuzzi, massages.
  • Gym
  • WiFi is a must, as well as a place for parking.


Hello, Mrs. Konupčíková,
I want to let you know Iam feeling very well in your pension. And also I want to thank you for your hospitality and warmth for a nice approach to guests, for servant Anička, who treats people attentively and sincerely also for very good cuisine thank's to your cook and last but not least for a nice and clean environment in your pension. :-)

Have a nice day.
Marie Sklenářová, Director of Elementary School Dobromilice

We discovered pension Pod Smrkem by accident when we were looking for suitable accommodation for our large group of friends. We greatly appreciate the comfortable accommodation, excellent cuisine, willingness and friendly attitude of the staff. We will visit your pension for the fourth time and I believe it will not be the last time.

Monika Hanáčková, Zlín

Remembering the curative stay.
This year's curative stay was for our devices exceptional for two reasons. It was my tenth time at Horní Lipová at Jeseníky this year, thanks to generous sponsorsthe children from DC at Jedličková street could also come along with us.

We who are visiting regularly are always looking forward to familiar surroundings and lovely people. The others coming for the first time were experiencing mild anxiety of the unknown things. After the first day it was clear that any fears were unnecessary. We were welcomed very nice from all staff, and wonder of wonders the weather was nice all the time.

During the twelve days of stay the children experienced a lot of different adventures. They made their way through the dense forest, waded the stream, went on the train and to the nearby farm where they met lot's of domestic animals. It was a great experience for us adults when we met a deer or hare in the woods.

Nice stay was enhanced with a perfect service of the staff. Warm food twice a day, morning buffet - very appreciated by the children, delicious snacks and drinks throughout the day. Some children also experienced a hot tub or outdoor pool. I guess no one wanted to go back, but we believe we will come back again next year . Pension Pod Smrkem always overcome our expectations. The friendly staff and a home atmosphere is a commonplace of the entire stay.

Jana Kováčová, Head Nurse